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Pink Meth Concerns come to Albany

Bill Berry, ADDU Bill Berry, ADDU
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Agents say they are seeing more meth in the community, and are concerned that some of it is the popular pink meth.

Drug agents say the pink meth is the same dangerous narcotic, but they worry that dealers are using the pink color to make children think it is just candy.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents seized pink meth. Also you can see in the bag a yellow color to the powder, and some of the traditional white. Drug agents say they are seeing more meth.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry says it is very, very popular here. "It's like the wheel has turned and meth has become popular again."

And the narcotic with different colors has become a popular marketing tool. Some is thanks to food color being added, but some meth is pink because of a shortcut in the cooking.

"A lot of times what you will see is in the pink meth is the type of chemicals the use. They don't cleanse it, wash it up. Clean it out and dry it out properly or enough. And you end up with a tint," Berry said.

Drug agents worry that dealers will push the pink meth to kids or women, making them think it's not as powerful or addictive. But it is the same dangerous drug.

"It was a marketing technique. It wasn't any better quality. It was all the same meth until he went to separate and bag it up. And that's how he marketed it."

Drug agents say enhanced enforcement against cocaine have drug users seeking out meth and heroin for their high. They believe the majority of the pink meth is most likely being imported, possibly from Mexico by way of Atlanta.

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