Fight at Colquitt Co school concerns students, parents

Fight at Colquitt Co school concerns students, parents

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - "And my main goal is I want justice for my son," said Emily Smith.

A Colquitt County mother is responding after her son was injured in a fight. The school district said the incident was just a fight, but his mother said it was much more.

Pictures of the fight have been going around on social media, causing some parents to be very scared. The school district is increasing security but said there's no reason to be worried.

Cole Groves hung out with friends Sunday. The 9th grader spent the night in the hospital after a fight at CA Gray Junior High school Friday.

"And before I even knew it, all I heard was a loud pop and then I remember being in the nurse's office and blood being everywhere and I asked the teacher what happened, and he said I had been in a fight and I didn't even know I was in a fight," said Cole Groves.

His mother said the fight was really a brutal attack, and the school district is keeping things quiet.

"I feel like the school is trying to cover it up. They're not doing their part," said Emily Smith.

She said Cole's bloody shirt was thrown away, and he was still in the nurse's office when she got there.

"I don't understand even with a head injury, if you're picked up, even if they thought he was picked up and slammed up against the wall. Why did they not call the ambulance? Why did they wait for me to get there," said Smith.

Superintendent Dr. Samuel DePaul said the school district is looking into it and doing nothing to cover up the incident.

"It was reported to me by the administration just like they would on any given day when there would be a fight," said Dr. DePaul.

And that's what this remains--just a fight. The student in question has not been charged.

"Presently, it's the sheriff's department that's leading the investigation as to anything more than just a fight," said Dr. DePaul.

This picture, making rounds on social media, is the source of the concern. Cole's mother said the kid is holding a weapon that he used to stab her son. The school district said it is just a crack in the A/C unit behind the student and the timing was coincidental.

DePaul says investigators were on scene looking for a possible weapon yesterday.

"Nothing was found," said Dr. DePaul.

Dr. DePaul said additional officers will be at school all week to keep the students safe. He said all of the students involved have been suspended.

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