Tifton man's sister donates stem cells to help him fight Leukemia

Tifton man's sister donates stem cells to help him fight Leukemia
Stephanie Moreland, Green's Daughter
Stephanie Moreland, Green's Daughter
Walt Clements, Green's Friend / Event Organizer
Walt Clements, Green's Friend / Event Organizer

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Family and friends of Randy Green gathered at the Harley Davidson store in Tifton, on Friday.

They raised more than 40 pints of blood in Green's honor.

"We're doing this, pretty much, in honor of him, to help him through his treatments," said Walt Clements, who organized the event. "And for other people that need blood for any other reason."

The blood drive started last year after Green was diagnosed with leukemia.

"We've just felt so much love over the past year and a half, with our family dealing with it, especially with my parents," said Stephanie Moreland, Green's daughter. "It's crazy how many people from his childhood and stuff have showed up the last two years that we've done this. It's very heartwarming."

But it wasn't ultimately the blood drive that saved Green's life.

"My sister and I were both tested to be a stem cell donor and I was the match of us two," said Patty Johnson, Green's sister.

"She was a perfect match," said Moreland. "Same blood type and she was a 12 for 12 match. So, she was our angel through all of this."

Due to the successful procedure, Green was able to come home and has been recovering since.

"He's doing well," said Johnson. "We're glad he got to come home right before Christmas. And, he's been home with his family. And he has to be careful, you know, he's at a risk for infection. But, he's doing real well. He's had no problems from the transplant."

And even though Green is getting better, Johnson wants to continue to help others in need of blood and stem cells.

"If you could ever be a stem cell donor, do that. It's amazing, the process. And it actually saves lives."

Clements says he and the family are very grateful for the help of One Blood and Harley Davidson.

He looks forward to doing more events in the years to come.

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