Remembering Ola Mae Quarterman

Remembering Ola Mae Quarterman

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Relatives of the woman known as the Mother of Albany's Civil Rights Movement, are making sure her legacy lives on.

Tremaine Alford is the nephew of Ola Mae Quarterman, who refused to give up her seat on an Albany public bus to a white passenger in January 1962. She then refused to pay a fine and was jailed for 30 days.

Alford says similar to Rosa Parks, Quarterman was never afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

"Now is the time for her to, I wouldn't say shine, but to go further than it is going, even though she's passed away. But I want the legacy and teh memories to live on," he said.

Saturday February 28th is Ola Mae Quarterman Day in Albany. She died in April 2007, at the age of 64.

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