Students lead active shooter drill on school campus

Students lead active shooter drill on school campus

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Monroe High School students in Albany led an active shooter drill on their campus Friday. Several students began the drill outside of Monroe High School, as the actor active shooter waited in an old blue Mustang.

The shooter was described as a disgruntled worker getting revenge on a former boss.

"Probably about four different classes joined in. Kids came from other classes and just wanted to help, so they can get hands on experience," said Destiny Idlett, a Criminal Justice Student.

The students watched as the shooter stormed the school, taking 30 people hostage.

Then students dressed as officers pulled up in Albany Police vehicles, and responded inside. Negotiations were made to release some hostages. Students in SWAT gear followed soon after.

Once the gunman was taken out, the group of students were then taken to an area designated as a crime scene.

"Like at all the colleges, like Columbine, things can happen and people can go crazy," added Idlett.

The students and faculty say by having students run the drill, they get a hands on experience with how to react if a tragedy were to strike the school. They also say it lets the students experience the careers of first responders.

"How students, teachers and faculty would react if there was to be active shooting on campus and what role law enforcement would play," said Kaitlyn Hawkins, Criminal Justice Student.

The students will next meet with their teachers to discuss what went wrong and improve their reaction for the drill next year.

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