ASU's Anderson soaring towards dunking dream

ASU's Anderson soaring towards dunking dream

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany State's Jillian Anderson has set her dreams high.

Ten feet high, to be exact.

"I want to set the record. I want to be the shortest female to dunk," she says. "I think I can do it."

Listed at 5'9, Anderson could set the record if she were to dunk in a game.

Don't think she can't either.

"She probably came the closest this weekend in Fort Valley," says ASU head coach Robert Skinner. "Man, she went up there and grabbed that rim and popped that thing. The ball slipped out of her hands though. I said, 'Man, she doesn't realize how close she just came.'"

That was in warmups.

After practice recently, her teammates filmed a cell phone video of Anderson dunking.

She feels if she gets an opportunity in a game, adrenaline could push her over the edge and above the rim.

"Hopefully, I'll catch a steal on a fast break, or somebody catches a steal and they see me, throw it, and I'll just go for it," she says.

The only problem is she's running out of opportunities.

ASU completed their regular season Thursday. They'll open the SIAC Tournament next week.

Anderson was a high jumper in high school, and originally came to ASU to jump for the Golden Rams' track team. She shifted to volleyball, then to basketball two years ago.

"The thing that really pumped Jillian up is trying to dunk the basketball," says Skinner. "She really wants to dunk it, and she really believes in her heart and her mind that she'll do it." 

If she does, she'd be just the seventh woman to dunk in a collegiate game.

"Just to settle the team down, I'd have to call two or three timeouts just to get them back because they want to see her do it so bad," Skinner laughs.

"I don't even know how I'd react," Anderson says. "I'd probably just be relieved, because I've been working so hard to do it."

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