Disc-golf fundraiser for baby's heart surgery is Saturday

Disc-golf fundraiser for baby's heart surgery is Saturday

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany family is hosting a disc golf tournament Saturday to raise money to help pay for medical care for their six-month-old son who has a rare condition.

Mason is just six months old, but he's already been through a lot in his young life.

His dad Jamie Kiep said he's was diagnosed with a rare condition called William's Syndrome, and needed open heart surgery.

"They initially caught it on his one month check up, they saw a heart murmur, she thought it was nothing, but she scheduled a just in case appointment," said Jamie Kiep.

And not too long after Kiep and his wife took Mason to Atlanta for surgery. "The narrowing of the arteries where the blood goes in and out. They had to open up those arteries because the blood wasn't going through well enough so he had really high blood pressure," said Kiep.

"He loves to sit in his bouncer and watch TV, watch 'Baby Einstein' with the cat. The cat will sit next to him and they'll watch it for a while," continued Kiep.

He said it was scary, but the family stayed strong through prayer. "Our faith in God was strong and we prayed a lot."

Mason is doing better every day. "He's slowly taking off his medications day by day."

He will need therapy as he gets older. "Growing up they say he'll have to have physical and occupational therapy, the little things like reaching stuff, grabbing things, and brushing his teeth. He'll have to have special education and one on one teaching and stuff like that."

Kiep is hosting a disc golf tournament Saturday April 4, to raise money to pay for medical bills. "Lunch is going to be provided in between rounds and we are going to have a really good auction and raffle afterwards."

The tournament will be hosted at

, and will last into the afternoon.  You can call Jamie Kiep at

229-376-4529 for more info.

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