GBI and Worth Co. Sheriff's Office continue to investigate after fatal traffic stop

GBI and Worth Co. Sheriff's Office continue to investigate after fatal traffic stop

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Thursday the GBI and the Worth County Sheriff's office began investigating a traffic stop that turned into a chase that left one woman dead.

Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby said the woman pointed a gun at deputies, who shot and killed her.

That's where a dangerous chase ended on Highway 133 just inside Worth County. Investigators said a deputy shot a woman who got out of the crashed car and pulled a gun. Just down the road at Moree's convenience store, employee Samantha Parker was outside with a co-worker when the suspects and patrol cars went speeding by.

"My heart was beating out of my chest," Samantha Parker.

Justin Taylor said they must have been going 60 to 80 miles per hour.

"Really fast, almost flipped there. Several cop cars came behind them, almost hit someone going through the intersection, it was kind of rough," said Justin Taylor.

Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby said one of his deputies tried to pull over the car on Highway 520 when the driver took off. The chase continued down County Line Road then to Highway 133.

"We heard sirens coming and all of the sudden we saw a car not stop at the stop sign coming off of County Line Rd," said Sheriff Hobby.

When Taylor saw that he had one thought.

"They must have done something pretty serious," said Taylor.

Sheriff Hobby said after the crash deputies found stolen guns in the car.

Law enforcers shut down the entire area.

"Most of them had to stop and just wait to get home because the intersection was shut down," said Sheriff Hobby.

Sheriff Hobby said the deputy who fired the shot that killed the woman did the right thing.

"She got out with the guns in her hands and pointed them at my officers," said Sheriff Hobby.

The man who was driving the car suffered minor injuries and is in custody.

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