James unindicted for shooting death

James unindicted for shooting death

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A man who shot and killed a man who dressed and lived as a woman is only indicted for pandering.

A Dougherty County grand jury no-billed a voluntary manslaughter charge against Kuyaunnis James in the shooting death of Lashon Johnson.

Johnson was shot in her West Gordon home December 6th. The family was concerned they would not get justice because Johnson was transgendered.

The Grand jury decided James acted in self-defense. "But in light of the evidence that was available, they did believe that there was a basis that a homicide, an intentional homicide, was not carried out in this particular matter," said Greg Edwards, Dougherty D. A.

Pandering is a misdemeanor.

Prosecutors say James solicited Lashon Johnson for sex for money, leading to the shooting and Johnson's death.

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