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Wiregrass truck driving program receives high ranking

Danny Weeks Danny Weeks
Don Yeager Don Yeager

For Danny Weeks, climbing into the cab of one of Wiregrass's semis was something he looked forward to doing as much as possible, as he was training to become a commercial truck driver through Wiregrass's Commercial Truck Driving Program Thursday.

"Everything that we will be usin' out on the road we learn right here on this pad. How to back, how to maneuver this truck around, how to drive it, how to shift the gears," Weeks said.

That quality of education is what made Wiregrass's program be ranked number five in the state by besttruckingschools.com. Weeks said the one-on-one attention between students and instructors was a big reason he chose the program when he decided that he wanted a change from working in farming and law enforcement.

"It's just an adventure," said Weeks. "I just wanted to try somethin' new."

He already had two trucks of his own as of Thursday and he couldn't wait to start driving them professionally, but instructor Don Yeager said in the mean time he was going to make sure that Weeks, and all of the students in the program, were well trained before they hit the road as commercial drivers.

"We give 'em what they need. We work a lot on safety. We're real big on safety," Yeager emphasized. He said there were currently a lot of jobs in the trucking industry and this program drives students straight towards those jobs. "We've probably had at least four or five truck lines come in and recruit, and that helps. Or, they can go online. But, there's plenty of jobs," Yeager pointed out.

The program is an eight week course, and the next session was scheduled to begin March 8th.

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