Driver loses control, crashes into parked cars, store

Driver loses control, crashes into parked cars, store

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Leesburg man is in critical condition after crashing his truck into parked vehicles, which slammed into a building. Witnesses in downtown Albany, who watched it all unfold, ran to the scene to help.

Corey Page was working at this Goodyear Tires on West Broad Avenue when something caught his attention. "I was in the building and I just happened to look up and seen a red truck collide with a little red car," said Page.

Albany Police say 51 year-old William Johnson, of Leesburg, was driving the red truck and ran the red light at the intersection of South Monroe Street and West Broad crashing into a red car.

Witnesses say after crashing through bushes, the truck driver drove a yard before looping around, crashing into the Good Life Tire building.

That's when Page sprang into action. "Me and a couple of the other guys ran over there and noticed a guy was in the building like smushed into it, so I had to jump in and turn the vehicle off, because he was still spinning," explained Page.

"I saw Corey start running that way and we just ran behind him and just made sure everything was ok. Corey cut the truck off and we're just glad he's alright," said Brian Isler, who was in Goodyear Tires when it happened.

Page says he was just trying to prevent more damage. "I knew that if I didn't turn it off then other things could happen. The tire could blow up cause a fire. I didn't know if the gas tank was leaking fuel so I knew I had to turn it off."

The crash was like a domino effect, the truck hit a dumpster and a parked vehicle in this parking lot, both of which slammed into other parked vehicles. Johnson had to be taken to the hospital.

"I'm just glad they didn't come through here and hit the Goodyear building because there are guys back there working. I just hope everyone is ok," said Isler.

A scary situation that could have ended much worse.

Witnesses believe some of sort of medical condition caused William Johnson to lose control of the truck, but police have not confirmed that. "He wasn't awake, he was just shaking so I knew he was having a seizure. So I knew I had to get in there and turn that vehicle off before it caused any harm to anybody else," said Page.

Johnson is in critical condition at Phoebe Putney, he's cited for a red light violation.


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