Albany city leaders will meet to discuss arena football

Albany city leaders will meet to discuss arena football

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The group that plans to bring arena football back to Albany will meet with city leaders Thursday to discuss a deal to rent the Civic Center.

Leaders with Three Forty Creative Group say they want to get the Civic Center and downtown Albany thriving again and believe this is the best way to do it.

The excitement once enjoyed by fans of the Albany Panthers is what Evan Barber with Three Forty Creative Group wants to bring back to the Good Life City.

" We've got the agreement with the league done and the Civic Center we've got a favorable agreement with them and so it's just a matter of getting in front of the city commission and getting their approval," said Evan Barber, Three Forty Creative Group

Barber says the Civic Center rental agreement is 99 percent complete, and he hopes it could go to the city commission for a vote next month, though city leaders tell us they're still in the early stages of negotiations.

"They just want to make sure that we're not asking the city to really contribute any money which we're not we are just coming as a private group that is going to do it ourselves," said Evan Barber.

The ownership group has a deal with the X-Indoor Football League. A 10-team league whose regular season starts next month.

"This is their second year, next year when we join will be their third year and they've got teams out in Texas and St.Louis and Ohio," said Barber.

The group is also close to coming up with a team name. They got the community involved by opening up an online voting site two months ago.

" The voting is finished, so they are being tallied up and as soon as we get finished with our commission agreement we will have all of those votes."

Barber also wants to create a little league program in the offseason.

" So hopefully that will be another thing that we can get the community involved and let the kids have something and let some of the players work with the kids."

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