Speed bumps to be installed around Lake Loretta

Speed bumps to be installed around Lake Loretta

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany City Commissioners Tuesday night approved safety measures for a neighborhood often crowded with pedestrians.

Speed bumps will soon be installed on Edgewater Drive around Lake Loretta. It's something residents and two city commissioners have been pushing for some time now.

Runners like Jian Chaun Zhou come to Lake Loretta often to get in shape.

" Just to enjoy the view, enjoy the fresh air from the lake and running is good for health" said Jian Chaun Zhou, Runner.

Zhou along with residents in the area are concerned with speeding and believe speed bumps are needed to get drivers to slow down.

“Speed bumps are a good thing, it's good for the birds so that cars don't drive too fast and put danger on the birds."

Residents in the area took action. More than 100 of them signed this petition they presented Commissioner Roger Marietta today. He and Commissioner Tommie Postell pushed for speed bumps around the lake.

"They got 100 percent of the residents to sign it plus a lot of the people who walk around the lake from all parts of the city," said Commissioner Roger Marietta.

Marietta says getting speed bumps installed can be a long process, and people in several neighborhoods want them.

" I sense the commission is maybe ready to entertain more of those concerns and put it into our capital budgets in the future because they're quite a few residential areas around the city that want them," said Commissioner Roger Marietta

Residents used to have to pay for traffic calming measures in their neighborhood, but last month commissioners approved a new ordinance allowing the city to pick up part or all of the cost. Tonight, commissioners agreed to foot the 24,000 dollar bill around Lake Loretta

" I believe it's also good for the pedestrians, and runners and joggers here," said Jian Chuan Zhou.

" When you think about pedestrian safety it's something we need to do," said Commissioner Marietta.

Commissioner Marietta said the speed bumps could be installed around Lake Loretta within the next 60 days.

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