Young boy burned at family cookout

Young boy burned at family cookout
The family rushed him to a burn center, where doctors applied skin grafts.
The family rushed him to a burn center, where doctors applied skin grafts.

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A family cookout took a terrifying turn for a Worth County family. Now a 6-year-old boy is recovering from serious burns.

Waylon Amos was spending a typical evening outside with his family last Friday night when in a moment - everything changed.

"I had walked inside to get the meat to put on the grill and I heard a terrible explosion and seen him on fire," said Joel Amos.

Waylon had thrown a can of Flex Seal into the fire, and it exploded.

The tar that was inside the can got all over him.

Fortunately, Waylon's 12-year-old brother was standing right behind him and quickly put out the flames.

Joel said if not for his brother, the 2nd degree burns he suffered to his face, abdomen, right leg and hand could have been much worse.

"I snatched his jacket off. It was burning," said Joel Amos. "[I] threw him in the shower [and] stripped his clothes off."

Waylon's parents acted fast. His mom already had the truck going when Joel ran out with Waylon wrapped in a towel. He was airlifted to the Augusta burn center.

His dad said he's a brave boy and didn't cry until he realized his family couldn't ride with him.

But the pilot kept the family informed and let waylon look out the window.

"They put him to sleep and removed all the burned skin and did synthetic skin grafts," Joel Amos said.

What worried Waylon's father the most is how his little sister and best friend Teagan would react when she saw his face.

"She had this funny look on her face when he came in and said, 'Waylon you look like a tiger!'"

The doctors expect little scaring to happen, but Waylon still has to sleep in a room by himself and stay inside for a while.

"It will be at least a month before he can go back to school, and for the next couple of years he wont be able to get in the sun," said Joel.

Family members say they are amazed and grateful for all the prayers, well wishes and all that are reaching out to help.

They set up a GoFundMe page HERE.

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