Delta cuts back flights at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport

Delta cuts back flights at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Delta Airlines is cutting flights at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

When the airport opened the new terminal a year and a half ago, airport and city leaders hoped that might lead to more flights.

Instead, the only airline that serves Southwest Georgia Regional Airport has decided to cut back.

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport will see less activity in two and a half months.

Delta Airlines plans to reduce the weekly flight count from 20 to 18.

"As of May 5th, there will be one less flight per day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only."

The midday flight for both days would cut, leaving only two departures at 6 am and 5:30 p.m.

Airport Director Yvette Aehle, said Delta hasn't told them any plans beyond the summer.

"They only do their flight plans three months in advance. So, we could only find until the end of August. It's when we show they end. They could pick back up again in the fall, we're not quite sure,” said Yvette Aehle, Airport Director.

Within those three months, frequent flyers between Albany and Atlanta would have a limited amount of flight choices.

"Oh it will affect us when we're coming down here and we can't get a flight until later in the day. That means we're going to have to sit in Atlanta for a longer period of time,” said Aehle.

Ahele worries some travelers may even choose other airports, which would hurt the airport that has made improvements such as a new terminal and expanded parking to accommodate Delta better.

"It's unfortunate for us because what they would say is, 'that's a local decision that you all made. If you all want to build a terminal that's up to you.' They did not ask us to do that. However, they did ask us to expand the ramp where they park,” said Aehle.

Aehle knows that with big business their bottom line is all that matters. But she hopes Delta will at least listen.

"We're just saying that we want them to reconsider because, losing ten percent of your seat capacity to any market does hurt, said Aehle.

A new vending area is now open at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

They call it the recharge and refuel center.

Airport officials decided against having a full-time restaurant.

The vending area is place where passengers can relax or grab a snack.

It also includes plenty of USB ports so travelers can charge their phone, tablets, and laptops.

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