Video catches burglars in the act

Video catches burglars in the act
Lee Powell Omega Farm Supply owner.
Lee Powell Omega Farm Supply owner.

OMEGA, GA (WALB) - Police are hoping to get some tips to find some crooks.

The break-in happened early Friday morning at Omega Farm Supplies, and the owner says he wants to bring the burglars to justice.

This surveillance footage shows a burglar trying to disable the alarm system at Omega Farm Supplies, before running out of the business.

"I have no idea why someone would do this," said Lee Powell Omega Farm Supply owner.

Owner, Lee Powell, was shocked when he saw the video.

"He took a hammer and knocked the door in and stepped over here and the motion detector picked him up, and I guess he panicked and tried to cut off the alarm by pushing some of the numbers."

Powell says the alarm company alerted omega police department and they responded within 5 minutes of the break-in.

"Surveyed the area as well as finding some tracks, footprints back in the back and I suppose they are following those leads now," said Powell.

Powell is looking for answers. He says one of the burglars has a unique walk that could help solve this case.

"Any help anybody can give us on this would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to know if anybody recognizes the guys. If you know the person you should be able to tell the form of their walk and their mannerisms."

He says he isn't worried about his safety.

"No, omega police do a good job, and we have 18 security cameras around here. I will be upgrading this camera back here to a higher pixel camera, so I can get some more detail if something like that does decide to happen," said Powell.

Nothing was taken and no one was hurt during the break-in.

If you recognize anyone in the video, or know of any information, you are urged to contact Omega Police at (229) 528-4911

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