Commissioners review changes to dangerous intersection

Commissioners review changes to dangerous intersection

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Some big changes could be coming to a dangerous Dougherty County intersection. But before commissioners decide on which route they choose, they want input from the community.

Nelms Road and U.S. 19 South is a busy intersection known to be the site of crashes.

"We are having accidents down there about every quarter," said Anthony Jones, the Dougherty County District 6 commissioner.

Jones is making it his mission to make that area safer. "At the end of the day we want to make sure that we do something that's constructive down there, something that's beneficial for those folks in that area."

Dougherty County has asked the Department of Transportation to look at that intersection several times over the last 15 years.

"The DOT does do a study each time, but it never meets the requirements that are stated for a traffic signal, there's not enough traffic," said Richard Crowdis, the county administrator.

But DOT officials have come up with two other options, both of which would prevent drivers from crossing over U.S. 19 on Nelms Road.

One would allow drivers only to take right turns in and out.

"The second option is a right turn in, right turn out, but it does give a left turn for both of the traffic lanes. On that option you could turn left off U.S. 19 South onto Nelms," said Crowdis

As commissioners analyze which is best for the county, they're asking residents for help.

"We just want to talk with the people down in the community to make sure that they're with us on this because we need to do something. We just can't let this intersection stay the way it is because if not, we're going to have some funerals," said Jones.

A plan of prevention to keep Dougherty County drivers safe.

A DOT representative is expected to address commissioners at an upcoming work session. Then a public hearing will be held.

Once the project is approved, it could take one to two years to complete.

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