Special Report: Think fast, aggressive drivers

Special Report: Think fast, aggressive drivers
James Jones
James Jones

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Aggressive drivers are all over the road, putting you in danger.

But what should you do when confronted by one?

Busy roads are full of people running late for work, trying to make up for lost time. We re-created some situations that could come up on the road and got answers in our Special Report: Think fast, aggressive drivers.

You're driving down the road when you notice, someone behind you is honking their horn. The person then zooms by and stops in front of you. Think fast- an aggressive driver. What do you do?

“The big thing is you don't want to be confrontational. Don't stop with the subject,” said Sgt. James Jones.

James Perry is a sergeant with the Perry Police Department.

“Something like this, you want to avoid the situation as much as you can,” said Jones while watching one scenario.

Some aggressive drivers will honk, and then speed by, even cut you off.

You should always roll up your windows and lock your doors. If traffic allows, even back up.

“Go ahead and call 911, star-GSP in the state of Georgia,” said Sgt. Jones.

Give the operator a description of the car, the driver, and tell them where you're headed. Let them catch the driver.

And if an aggressive driver tailgates you, never put on your brakes to make a point. That could not only anger the driver more, it could cause a crash.

“You don't know what type of person that is. You don't know if they have instabilities or just had a bad day,” said Sgt. Jones. “You don't know if they're armed.”

If an aggressive driver tries to get your attention, take this advice.

“Don't stoop down to their level; don't make the face gestures back, any type of obscene gestures. Don't yell back,” said Sgt. Jones.

Instead, keep your eyes on the road, and don't acknowledge the angry driver.

All of this will help you get where you're going, and get there safely.

Sgt. Jones says a good way to calm someone down may just be a simple apology--  even if it's not your fault.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates a majority of the almost 7,000,000 wrecks a year are the result of aggressive driving. The same survey estimates almost 15,000 people were killed as a result of those accidents.

The Albany Police Department suggests you leave your house earlier and don't try to make up lost time on the road.

"A lot of people would benefit from that and I think if everybody was a little more courteous to your fellow drivers on the roadway, you'd probably see a lot less problems on the roadway that you do," said Officer Greg Gadt.

More than 6.5 million Georgia residents have drivers licenses, and that number is growing.

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