Bainbridge State coming to Seminole Co.

Bainbridge State coming to Seminole Co.
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Cherry St, area where BSC is set to build
Cherry St, area where BSC is set to build

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A project more than a year in the making will finally break ground in Donalsonville. Bainbridge State College will begin construction for their new facility in Seminole County to cater to the growing number of student enrollments.

BSC will build a 6,000 square foot facility in the vacant lot where several businesses once stood years ago. A fire broke out and destroyed a chunk of the downtown strip in 2011, now city leaders and the college will use the space for their new campus.

Council member Mitch Blank says the new addition will help reshape downtown life as well as give students easy access to important educational resources.

The site is funded through donations given by Community Foundation, a number of Seminole members were instrumental in the process of project.  Those involved say since nearly half of the enrollment at Bainbridge State College are students from Seminole County High, it is important to continue their relationship with the city of Donalsonville.

The new facility will allow students to take entry level courses, adult education classes and GED training. Students will also be able to engage with staff at the college's main campus with state-of-the-art two way audio and video equipment.

BSC has made a commitment to residents in the area by offering community rooms for business meetings or gatherings. Blanks says anytime they can bring a new business to the area it's always a plus, he looks forward to seeing the expansion of the city.

"I'm very excited, Anytime we can get a new business to Donalsonville it's just a plus all over," Blanks said. "We are going to have more people come into Donalsonville from the surrounding areas such as Florida and southeast Alabama and other counties as well"

The campus will be located off of Cherry St. and Highway 82, the groundbreaking will begin at 4  P.M.

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