Church holds fundraiser for 14-year-old recovering from crash

Church holds fundraiser for 14-year-old recovering from crash

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - We've followed Hannah Croker's story since the 14-year-old from Baconton was severely injured in a crash three months ago.

Members of Living Waters Church of God hosted a fundraiser to help the family.

A good crowd came out to show their support for the Croker family. Hannah's mom Glinda says they're grateful for all the support.

A nurse checks 14-year-old Hannah Croker's oxygen levels before she gets ready to leave for the evening.

Before her crash in November, Croker was an active teenager.

"I used to walk around the block daily, I used to go skating," says Hannah Croker.

It's much harder for her to get out these days, though she's happy to have her trusty dog Nemo to keep her company at home.

"I had her since I was two, the dog is always with me," says Croker.

Family, friends, and prayers keep her going. Classmates at Baconton Charter School proudly sport support Hannah t-shirts, and her facebook page has more than 1600 followers.

Her mom says the family has become a lot closer.

"We have become a lot closer, a lot of family that we don't hardly see, we see on a daily basis now or every other day. And believe it or not it's brought a lot of them closer to God," says mom Glinda Croker.

They practice range of motion exercises often to help wake up her muscles so hopefully one day she will be able to walk again.

Her mom says doctors initially didn't think Hannah would survive.

"They had already taken us in the family room and given us the talk, the whole nine yards,” says Croker.

The family had to make changes to their home. Volunteers built this ramp so Hannah can get in and out of the house.

"They came out while we were in Atlanta and it took approximately three hours to build it. They worked hard, and it came out phenomenal. "

Now they're hoping to get enough money to buy a van to replace the old one they have now.

"The van, its a 99, and its good, but taking the trips back and forth to Atlanta, its not going to hold up," says Glinda Croker.

An area church hosted a gospel sing to raise money for the family.

"Well the bible says it's more of a blessing to give then to receive so that's what we are doing. Giving our portion," says Pastor Roger Tillery.

The money will be put toward a new van and a handicapped accessible shower.

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