Cold causes lots of South Georgia car woes

Cold causes lots of South Georgia car woes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The extreme cold has not only been hard on people, but also on their cars.

Mechanics say a lot of people brought their cars in on Friday.

Lots of South Georgians headed home from work, maybe getting on the road for weekend trips. They are counting on their cars to get them there.

But Friday a lot of people were seen broken down on the side of the road, needing help. Experts say extreme cold can cause just as many car problems as extreme heat. Auto repair shop owners tell us they have had lots of extra business, with cars having a wide variety of problems because of the weather.

"Coming in to get their batteries tested, things of that nature. You see a lot of low air pressure in tires," said Premier Autoworks Owner James Stalvey. "It's critical to go ahead and have your anti-freeze checked at this time."

Stalvey warns that if your car starts to overheat or shows problems in the next day, you need to have it checked to possibly prevent more extensive damage.

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