EMS gets calls for cold folks

EMS gets calls for cold folks
Greg Rowe Dougherty Co. EMS Director
Greg Rowe Dougherty Co. EMS Director

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Bitterly cold temperatures lead to medical emergencies in south Georgia.

Dougherty County EMS treated four people in the last 24-hours for problems related to the extreme cold.

About 2:00 A-M a passerby saw someone under the bypass bridge on North Slappey and called 911.

Paramedics found a homeless person suffering from hypothermia.

They put him in the ambulance and warmed him up.

Paramedics say extreme cold temperatures can cause serious health problems, especially for the elderly.

"The body's natural response internally is to turn on the internal heat mechanism, which is to keep our organs at the normal temperature that it should be," said Greg Rowe Dougherty Co. EMS Director.

Paramedics say that natural reaction can lead to heart failure, especially in older people.

Officials believe the good warning about the dangerous temperatures gave many homeless people time to find refuge for the last few days.

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