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GA probate judges hope to avoid confusion regarding gay marriages

Chase Daughtrey Chase Daughtrey

A Cook County probate judge was preparing Friday to try to help probate judges across Georgia prepare for the U.S. Supreme Court's potential ruling this Summer on gay marriage.

Chase Daughtrey is the President of the Georgia Council of Probate Judges. The council was planning to meet during the week of February 23rd in Atlanta with officials from several state agencies, including the Attorney General's office, to discuss how to proceed if the Supreme Court decides that banning gay marriages is unconstitutional.

"We're primarily telling our probate judges, 'you've sworn to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States and the state of Georgia and if the United States Supreme Court comes back and says it is unconstitutional, we have to adhere to their ruling and adjust accordingly'," Daughtrey emphasized.

He said he hoped the meeting would help Georgia avoid the same confusion that Alabama recently dealt with regarding the issuance of marriage licenses for gay couples.

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