Bone-chilling temps touch down

Bone-chilling temps touch down

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - This morning we are extremely close to record low temps, conditions outside can be downright dangerous.

Southwest Georgia is currently under a freeze warning, including large parts of Florida as south as Tampa. It's important to wear plenty of layers and take the time to protect your home. Try covering windows with plastic wrap and seal up cracks in door spaces.

The chilling temperatures are expected to last throughout the day into the evening.

WALB spoke to a couple of Albany residents this morning to see how they will be dealing, they say since they work graveyard shifts they plan on staying indoors for the rest of the day.

"Make sure the temperature at my house is up, like I always got the heater on but I'm not really used to this much cold," Carlton Harrell said. "I'll have like two jackets, just making sure I don't get sick."

For Dominique Buffi, 20 degree weather isn't much to fuss about.

"I really like it. I really do. I've lived in North Carolina for 13 years so this isn't really that cold to me but I'm going to try to stay in as much as possible today. Keep the little ones inside and stay bundled up," Buffi said.

The chill will be at the coldest point during the early hours of Friday. 

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