Dawson woman wants help finding burglar suspects

Dawson woman wants help finding burglar suspects

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - A Dawson woman is reaching out to the public after burglars broke into her home while she was in Atlanta with her mother who recently had a kidney transplant.

The criminals stole three flat screen TVs and wrote the words "4 dead" on her bedroom mirror.

"It made me mad because you have to work hard you know for the stuff that goes into your house and for you to start back over is kind of hard. Then for someone to violate your privacy, and you have certain family members that are scared to stay in the house because of the situation," said Yasma Hylick.

They've only lived here a year and a half, but this isn't the first time stuff has been stolen.

"This is the second time within two and a half months."

In December, thieves stole Christmas gifts from her car.

This week, burglars broke in while Hylick was in Atlanta taking her mom to a doctor's appointment following a kidney transplant.

When she came home yesterday, she noticed someone had broken in.

"My TV stand was moved a little bit and I looked and my TV was gone."

Her room was also ransacked and three TVs were taken.

"Took the mattress off the bed and threw it up against the wall, took my clothes out of the closet and threw them all over the floor."

And the criminals even left behind a threatening message.

"They drew the number four and put the word dead up there."

Police told her it looked like her door was pried open. Hylick fixed the door and changed the lots.

"Hopefully impossible for somebody to come in," continued Hylick

And she's asking anyone who saw anything to please report it to police.

"Would you please let the police department know so we can take care of it."

Police are investigating and Hylick says they hope to get prints off a jewelry box that was thrown on the floor.

That jewelry box has been sent to the GBI crime lab for tests.

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