Law enforcement search for suspect after rash of car break-ins

Law enforcement search for suspect after rash of car break-ins

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County investigators are looking for a man caught on camera stealing guns from an unlocked car.

Lee County and Albany law enforcers say they've seen an increase in car break-ins.

They're asking you to cautious and smart.

Law enforcers said they aren't sure if all these recent break-ins are connected, but they want car owners to make sure they aren't making themselves a target.

Surveillance video from a homeowner in the Highland Oaks subdivision in Lee County caught this man in a hoodie entering into their vehicle Saturday morning...and it isn't the only area being targeted.

" We're experiencing problems in the Lowell Brook area, the Huntingdon Subdivision and we've actually had one entering auto off of Highway 32 near Bud Drive," said Matt Pearce, Lee County Sheriff's Investigator.

Albany Police said a rash of entering autos is also happening near the movie theatre and shops on Ledo and Philema Roads.

"They'll take anything they think they can use, when it's juveniles even loose change appeals to them," said Major Russell Barnes, Albany Police.

The crook in the video was in the unlocked car for about two minutes. He got away with guns and handbags.

" Leaving your vehicle unlocked in a perfect world you wouldn't have to but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world," continued Investigator Pearce.

" Lock your car get the stuff out of plain view don't give them the opportunity make it more difficult for them if they wanted to work for a living they'd get a job," said Major Barnes.

Investigators are also concerned that so many guns are being stolen from cars.

" You just put your gun in the hands of a criminal who's either going to use it on another innocent victim or give it to some other criminal who's going to use it on an innocent victim," said Major Barnes

Investigators encourage you to be aware of your surroundings and not to leave valuable items in plain site.

"We need to take every step necessary to guard yourself from being victimized. These are crimes of opportunity."

If you recognize the man in the video you are asked to contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

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