City council member accused of shouting at pastor, threatening deacon

City council member accused of shouting at pastor, threatening deacon
Willie Mae Davis
Willie Mae Davis

SMITHVILLE, GA (WALB) - A City Council member is speaking out after being accused of threatening someone inside her church. The city council has a hearing for her in two weeks.

80-year-old Willie Mae Davis, one of the oldest council members in Georgia, defended her actions inside Green Grove Baptist Church.

When asked if she threatened anyone, she replied, "No ma'am. I ain't said a word, not one word. If anybody told you that, don't believe a word. I did not say a word."

The Smithville city council member is accused of shouting at the Pastor during his sermon on February 1st. The warrant application says she walked toward the pulpit and raised a pen towards a deacon, saying "I'll stab you" when he approached her.

"Something said, 'go back up there.' I got up, I went back about the same space, I didn't even get near him. I didn't get near the Pastor," said Davis.

Davis has been ordered to stay away from the church. She has not been arrested or charged with anything.

An arraignment hearing will be held March 3rd in Lee County, where she could face disorderly conduct charges.

"They call me crazy and all that kind of thing and I'm not crazy. I say I'm old. I can't take a lot of things I used to take," explained Davis.

The city council is waiting to see what the court does before they take any action. "We're in a wait-and-see period to see what's going to happen with the courts, what her demeanor is with it, and what the council will ultimately want to do, if anything. This is an odd circumstance," said Tommy Coleman, the Smithville City Attorney.

Davis, whose term is up at the end of the year, is also unsure about her position. When asked if she wanted to resign, she said, "Right now I do. I don't know what's going to happen." Right now she feels misunderstood and unfairly treated.

Church officials declined to comment on the matter.

City attorney Tommy Coleman said an elected official can be removed from office for lack of capacity, but cautioned that it was a difficult process. Ultimately any move would be up to the city council.

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