Address number view critical for emergency crews

Address number view critical for emergency crews

TURNER CO., GA (WALB) - When it comes to emergencies, the faster a first responder can find your home, the better.

Residents can help by making sure their address is clearly displayed, especially on duplexes and apartments.

Turner County averages about 3,000 EMS calls and 250 fire calls each year.

"If we can't find your address, we can't get to you in a timely manner, and especially in EMS, time means life."

Finding the right home in the daytime is not too challenging, but Turner County EMS Director and Fire Chief Robbie Royal say at night and in bad weather, things are more challenging if addresses aren't displayed clearly.

He says reflective numbers, although a little more expensive, are the best.

"We have flash lights in our ambulances, as well as in our fire trucks and if we shine a light it pops out at us," said Royal.

Law enforcers say although Turner County is not too big, people often move around.

"There are people that move in or someone changes their address [and] moves to a new location, and we don't know that, and so our guys sometimes have to go out and look for the address," explained Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester.

If you remodel, make sure to put the numbers back up when finished.

That way responders will not have to go by a description of the house.

"If we get somewhere and we can't find an address, we are working with 911, with dispatchers, most of the time through 911 services they have a description of the house," said

Ideally, Royal says it's best to display them both on the mailbox and the house.

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