Meth lab found in burning home

Meth lab found in burning home

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany firefighters battle a burning trailer, when they find the remnants of a meth lab inside. The chemicals from that meth lab in a fire could have been dangerous in that East Albany mobile home park.

Now fire investigators and drug agents want information to find who was cooking meth in that vacant mobile home.

There were families and kids in mobile homes just yards from that burning vacant home. None of the neighbors would talk with us on camera, but they were concerned; not knowing the threat just next door.

Neighbors spotted heavy smoke coming from inside the vacant mobile home just before one this morning. The wiring from the power pole started arcing, with sparks falling on the mobile home beneath.

Albany Fire Department Investigator Sam Harris said "Meth labs get pretty volatile. So if you don't know what you are doing and it gets away from you, then you have a bad accident. Upon checking the inside of the structure, they found the remnants of an old meth lab, that was inactive."

Drug agents removed the meth lab. A one-bottle cook method, including camp stove fuel. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Sergeant Vic Camp said "Looks like a hydrogen generator, where they take salt or rock salt with muratic acid or sulfuric acid and make a generator."

Those chemicals in a fire could be dangerous. Drug agents praise firefighters for recognizing the threat and their quick response.

Camp said "If it would have got away from them and exploded, you are right, it could have caught this trailer on fire. And then maybe the trees and the brush and then caught the others trailers on fire."

Now investigators are asking for information to find out who was cooking meth inside the vacant mobile home.

Harris said "So that we can try to get these people away from the neighborhoods where children are located."

Drug agents say it appears the meth lab could have been there for a week.

If you have any information call the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit, the Albany Fire Department, or you can call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.

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