Dangerous Fitzgerald intersection upgraded after resident complaints

Dangerous Fitzgerald intersection upgraded after resident complaints

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - Ben Hill County officials and GDOT are making improvements to an intersection in Fitzgerald that residents say is dangerous and even deadly.

Ben Hill county officials say residents have made several complaints about the intersection of State Route 90 and Lower Rebecca Road in Fitzgerald.

The complaints increased after a fatal accident last summer, that killed a man after another vehicle pulled out in front of him at the intersection.

In response to the complaints, The Georgia Department of Transportation and Ben Hill County commission are making several changes aimed at improving safety at this intersection.

"To show them that you know, they need to stop and be aware coming up or down the hill, either way, to let them know that somebody might not stop and that they need to be cautious," said Tim Kegebein, Road Superintendent.

The county has already put rumble strips on Lower Rebecca road.

The DOT has adjusted the stop signs height and are working on putting advanced, flashing warning signs on each road. They're also replacing the overhead lights.

Residents have already let county officials know they think the improvements are working.

"We have comments that you know, they're proud to see that we're doing something on this," said Kegebein.

Officials believe the changes with improve the safety at the intersection, but they add, drivers should also be more aware of their surroundings.

"When you come up to any intersection, whether its' this intersection or any, you always need to use caution when you proceed across the road," said Kegebin.

The safety upgrades are expected to be finished within the next couple of weeks.

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