As cold snap hits, shelters prepare

As cold snap hits, shelters prepare

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Starting Wednesday we are expecting record lows in South Georgia. Northern Georgia and parts of Alabama are expected to see snow.

WALB Meteorologist Chris Zelman says we will have bitter cold temperatures and some wet weather but not the right conditions to produce snow.

Most importantly get prepared and remember to take care of the four P's- people, pets, plants and pipes. Wrap your pipes, leave faucets dripping, bring in your pets and plants and prepare for possible power outages.

If you are traveling make sure to pack a blanket, water, snacks and cold weather clothing. "None of the models are indicating snow coming this far south but they are indicating at least two arctic air masses after this could take us right into the spring season," said Zelman.

The Salvation Army and the Albany Rescue Mission are keeping an eye on the weather, and preparing for additional visitors as temperatures are expected to plummet in the next couple of days.

The Salvation Army has 47 beds ready now, and Major Kelly English says they have additional cots they can set up if needed. They are located in the 300 block of West Second Avenue. You can help with donations at (229) 435-1428.

The Albany Rescue Mission's Brother Larry Hempel says that they will welcome folks who need a warm place to stay if needed.

The headquarters, in the 600 block of North Monroe Street, is always in need of donations of food, blankets, and coats for its clients. Call (229) 435-7615.

Managers are grateful for any food, especially large (#10) cans of vegetables, beans, and fruits. They also appreciate monetary donations that can be spent at the Food Bank.

These cold snaps are expected to hit us through the second week of March. Spring officially starts March 20th.

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