Family of pedestrian hit in Sylvester wants road safety improvements

Family of pedestrian hit in Sylvester wants road safety improvements

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Family and friends of a Sylvester man who was hit and killed while walking home want safety improvements in that area.

They said too many accidents have happened along the stretch of Highway 256. They're asking for changes to prevent it from happening again.

Walter Lee Curry walked along Highway 256 in Sylvester many nights to get home. Monday his Family and Friends walk in the same path trying to figure out how Curry's death could've been prevented Saturday night.

"Now I've got to bury him. I'm going to have to do the eulogy to bury it's like burying your oldest son," said Bobby Drayton, friend.

Troopers said Curry was walking against traffic in the Northbound lane of Highway 256 near Town Creek Drive when he was hit by 28-year-old Wendell Marlon Jr. Troopers don't plan to charge Marlon.

"I've lost a friend, but even the guy that hit him he's very devastated," said Drayton.

They now want safety measures implemented so it doesn't happen again.

"Our concern is getting lights down in this dark area."

They said the busy intersection at Town Creek Drive and Worth Street is dangerous with children crossing it every day.

" If there would've been street lights like it shoud've been a long time ago we wouldn't keep having accidents on Highway 256 it's such a dangerous road, right here at this intersection," continued Drayton.

They'd also like sidewalks installed.

"They don't know if a snake over there and they'll walk out in the highway," said Charlie Jackson Jr.

" If that'll help, maybe that will stop someone getting killed from five years old to 50 year olds getting killed right here on this main highway," said Alonzo Thomas, Curry's oldest nephew.

Donations are being collected for Curry's funeral expenses at Shipp's Funeral Home in Sylvester.

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