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Georgia Power electric rebate

Electric car station Electric car station
Georgia Power rebate Georgia Power rebate
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Georgia Power is offering a $250 rebate to homeowners that install a "Level 2" 240 volt charger.

Builders will receive a $100 rebate on each new home construction installation

Georgia is one of the fastest growing states using electric vehicles. Atlanta is ranked the 2nd in the country.

There are also federal and state tax credits of up to $12,000 on new electric vehicle purchases.

Georgia Power has designed a special rate for users.

Georgia Power says the rate is lower "where they can charge their vehicles at night for essentially the same as filling up their present car my gas car for 43 cents a gallon."

The rebates continue through 2015.

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Georgia Power suggests checking the internet for information on the different electric and hybrid vehicles on the market.

Tifton is expected to install a charging station soon.

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