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Drug agents say fleeing Albany suspect pot in pocket

  Drug agents say an Albany man charged Saturday with running from police following a traffic stop at the Mall had 3 and a half ounces of marijuana in his pockets.

Police stopped 31 year old Quincy Stephens for speeding.

He had a suspended license, so they handcuffed him and found nearly $2000 worth of pot in his pocket.  

Police say Stephens ran, and still handcuffed, tried to hide inside a dumpster, where he was captured.  

 Drug Agents say they are not seizing as much marijuana as they have in the past. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Sergeant Victor Camp said "We're still going to see the marijuana around here. We're not getting as much as we used to in the past. But the drug sort of fluctuates.  Sometimes we'll get a lot of marijuana.  A lot of cocaine.  And it dies down."

Stephens was released from jail Sunday on $8800 bond. 

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