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Police dogs earn their keep

Sgt. Janovsky Sgt. Janovsky
Chief Carney Chief Carney
AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus police say their K-9 officers could be the most valuable asset to their department. One of the canine handlers says the two dogs led officers to drugs nearly 100 times last year.

Chris Janovksy and his dog are pretty close. Stella has been with him for just over two years now.

"She's lived at home with me; she goes home with me every day, rides around with me every day at work," said Sgt. Chris Janovksy.

That relationship has made them a good combination when it comes to fighting drugs in Americus. The work of both canine handlers has led to arrests on the federal and state level, but Janovsky says they don't deserve the credit.

"The dog does most of the work. We're just the ones holding the leash," said Janovsky. "Under the oak tree over there is going to be an amount of narcotics."

Both dogs found those narcotics within a minute.

Janovsky says the dogs' sense of smell allows them to do things human officers can't do.

"We smell a cheeseburger in a bag. The dogs will actually smell the Bread, the cheese, the meat, the lettuce, the tomato, the mayonnaise, the pickles," said Janovsky.

And that ability has led to the seizure of drugs on several occasions, attacking a problem that Chief Brian Carney says runs rampant.

"That's one of the first things I found out when I arrived here was how the street drugs were almost on every street corner so to speak," said Chief Carney.

He says the dogs are busy non-stop with work and continue to do an impressive job. And you can bet that everybody is happy to have them on board.

Sgt. Janovsky says the amount of drugs seized would be about 50% less if they did not have the help of the dogs.

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