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Dirt track racing could be coming to SGMP

Ozzy Moya Ozzy Moya

The new owner of South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil was considering Monday some new additions to the park.

Owner Ozzy Moya said he was considering putting a dirt track in at the park because of the popularity of dirt track racing in South Georgia. He was also considering putting in a mud hole as well.

"We're lookin' into some kind of a mud hole here, so we can do different types of racing. You can come out with your 4-wheelers and your off road trucks and that would be a little bit on the other side of the facility," Moya explained. "We're lookin' at what it's gonna cost to do that."

Moya was also trying to work out a deal with the NHRA and the IHRA for the track to become sanctioned with one of the organizations. 

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