Victims asked to come forward in elderly exploitation case

Victims asked to come forward in elderly exploitation case

Dougherty County investigators are asking for possible victims to come forward after complaints of a man preying on the elderly to get their money.

We're not releasing that man's name because he has not been arrested or charged, yet. But officials are issuing a warning.

Dougherty County investigators believe grocery store parking lots are just one place where senior citizens are being targeted.

"He's using what we would consider a combination of 'feel sorry for me' and intimidation for this purpose. He hasn't hurt anybody, he hasn't actually robbed anybody. But it is a form of exploitation of the elderly," said Captain Craig Dodd with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Dodd says one man recently got more than $100 from a 93 year-old man, who he approached in the Harvey's parking lot off Dawson Road.

"He'll try to strike up a conversation, walk out to their car with them, follow them out to their car and when they go to get into their car, he'll get in the car with them," explained Dodd.

Dodd says then he asks for a ride or badgers them for money.

"If this ever occurs with anyone, a senior citizen should turn around, walk back into the store and get someone to come out there with them, like a manager, a bag boy, somebody to call the police," said Dodd.

Thomas Wills believes it's important for everyone to constantly have your guard up. "Well you always got to watch out for yourself, protect yourself, never carry a lot of cash," said Wills.

Investigators have spoken with two victims, and believe more are out there. "What we're trying to do is determine whether or not this is a situation that's been ongoing and has been happening to a lot of people, or if it's just a couple of isolated incidents with him," said Dodd.

If you've experienced a similar situation, contact the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.


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