Men United Club seeks new members

Men United Club seeks new members
"Kids Day At The Park" event
"Kids Day At The Park" event

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - A non-profit group out of Sylvester is looking to recruit new members to help serve the community.

Men United Club founder Larry Johnson says his passion is serving the people of Sylvester by giving back in ways that can not only improve relationships with the youth, but build strong bonds with law enforcement.

One program the group is attempting to expand is their gang prevention. Johnson says gang activity is growing in surrounding counties and wants to work with officials to help keep the city safe. Men United Club currently has 16 members but are looking to recruit several more, some of the duties would involve event planning and fundraising.

"To get with other kids and seniors in town, take your time with people, sometimes people just want someone to talk with," Johnson said.

The club was formed 10 years ago and is considered to be a strong staple of Sylvester with over dozen service programs.

Programs include: after school education for youth, senior citizen assistance, cancer awareness, feed the community, and the popular "Kids Day At The Park," where they help generate positive images and role models for children.

"They do a lot of positive things, when you can recruit more members you are able to do more stuff and even do it on a large scale," Brooks Church chairperson Randy Hill said.

Brooks Baptist Church is one of several organizations Men United has been involved with. Hill encourages their work.

"I can see where it's going, probably this time in the near future I'll probably be a member," Hill continued.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been created by the club, their goal is set at $1,000. All the funds will go toward helping their after school activities as well as spread across the city of Sylvester with local projects.

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For membership and additional information visit MenUnited Club Facebook page.

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