Quail hunting draws visitors from all over the country

Quail hunting draws visitors from all over the country

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - This week business leaders considering bringing jobs to Georgia took part in the 27th annual Georgia Quail Hunt.

But our area's famous quail hunting plantations attract visitors from all over the country throughout the season.

The crisp cool weather made it a perfect day to go out and hunt. Owners at Piney Creek Plantation say this has been a good season.

"This afternoon I think we got right around 70," says hunter Brett Avery.

While its been pretty cool,"Pretty brisk morning, its about 28 degrees," says Avery.

Hunters say that's the best kind of weather for the sport.

"Just a beautiful day to be out in nature," he says.

Hunters come from all over the country and even other countries such as Bermuda to hunt quail at Piney Creek Plantation.

Owners say the rain gave them a little trouble, but overall they've had a busy season.

And the stars of the show are of course the bird dogs.

Everyone loves to watch them do what's called "pointing."

"They enjoy it the most, watching the dogs work, these dogs are born and breed to do this, and they enjoy their work, and the guys enjoy watching do it," says Co-Owner James Mclendon.

"If it wasn't for the dogs we would be doing a lot of walking and not a lot of shoots," says hunter Donald Crooks.

And it gives folks a chance to get back in touch with nature.

"Its getting back to our roots of just hunting game and eating the game. Quail is a great bird to eat. It's very tasty. The entire experience is great," says Avery.

It's a hobby that draws lots of folks to Southwest Georgia, and a tradition owners love to share.

"We love that we can share this tradition, something that my husband and guys like him grew up doing," says Staci Ingram, Special Events Coordinator.

And it can benefit everyone.

"If we can bring in someone that loves a tradition that we enjoy and then if we can bring in more industry, thats more jobs, thats more tax revenue, that benefits all of us," says Ingram.

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