Sumner man hopes for new kidney

Sumner man hopes for new kidney

SUMNER, GA (WALB) - A Sumner man and his family are reaching out to the community, in hopes of raising money for his kidney transplant.

They're hoping a little bit of help can lead to a life of normalcy for Thomas Burrow.

52-year-old Ivey Burrow, who's known as Thomas, used to fish everyday. "This man use to fish all the time," said his wife, Pebble. "I mean he would get off work and he would go fishing. I wouldn't see him until dark. So that part of his life is pretty much gone."

Right now, Burrow can't work or fish; he's been diagnosed with renal failure.

The Sumner resident was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 1996, after recent heart problems both of his kidneys shut down.

"Well it's been kind of rough, because a lot of days I can't get up out of the bed and having stomach pains all the time. That's been kind of hard on my family because they have to help see about me," Burrow said.

"He gets on this cycler machine," Pebble said.

Burrow is on dialysis, and hooks up to this machine every night. "I have to be on the machine at least 8 1/2 hours a day, 7 days a week and it ain't fun. That's why I hope and pray that I get a kidney transplant soon."

Praying and preparing for the transplant that could drastically improve his life.

The Burrows set up jars in two stores and a barbershop in Worth County, hoping to raise money.

"we need as much as possible, because once he gets the kidney, Lord willing, he'll need $143.00 a month for the rest of the life of the kidney, to keep him on the medicine so the body doesn't reject the kidney. So that money that we're raising is for the life of him to be here," Pebble said.

A life off the machine, with his family and hopefully at the fishing hole.

The Burrows are also hoping to have a fish fry once the weather warms up.

Donation jars are set up at the store in Sumner and Poulan, along with the Hair Gallery in Sylvester. Or you can donate by clicking


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