Cancer patient gets community support

Cancer patient gets community support

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - People in Bainbridge are rallying together to show their love and support for a woman who is fighting cancer-- again.

After being cancer free for more than nine years, Pam Burch received another frightening diagnosis.

“I did everything I was supposed to do.  And then nine and a half years later, it's metastasized into the bones.  It just reappeared,” said Burch.

Doctors said the cancer has invaded her spine and tailbone.

And to make matters worse, Burch said she recently developed Crohn's disease.

“So, it's several things going on at one time,” she said.

And with the news, came many questions from friends and family.

“It was overwhelming to be texted and messaged by friends and family after you've been to a doctor's visit and repeat yourself,” said Burch.

So she went to Facebook to let her friends know what was going on.

Letters and prayers came pouring in.  Then one store decided to show support.

Gloria Reeves, owner of Reeves Linens and Gifts said, “We're fighting, and we're praying, and we're enlisting lots of folks.  Not just local folks, but lots of folks, to pray and lift her up.”

Employees are selling bracelets, each labeled with a strong message.

“It's on.  The fight is on!” said Burch.

Other folks have also started fundraisers to help cover medical expenses.

“When we find out that something like this is going on, we don't just sit down and say 'Ok, hope it gets better.' We get out and we work and we do whatever it takes to help them,” said Reeves.

Something Burch said is the best medicine.

“I feel it in my heart,” she said.

There is an ongoing raffle sponsored by Dr. Landin Marzolf and staff at Care Chiropractic Center. They will hold a drawing on February 26 and gift certificates will be given away.

There will also be a Trail Ride at the Circle Oak Farm, 3236 Vada Road, on February 28.

A BBQ supper will be held on March 7 at First United Methodist Church from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

A yard sale will be held March 14 in the parking lot of Mane Tamer Beauty Salon on Scott Street, and donated items are needed.

You can also donate by going to


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