The hunt is on for a new Albany city manager

The hunt is on for a new Albany city manager

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city commissioner Roger Marietta said he wants a full search for a new city manager, but he's not sure other commissioners will go along.

Commissioners are set to vote Tuesday to hire former Assistant City Manager Lonnie Ballard for the new position of Deputy City Manager.

Interim City Manager Tom Berry said he'll recommend Ballard take over for him soon, but Ballard hasn't been promised the job.

Marietta said the city needs to interview other candidates.

"It's important in the future, when we do hire a city manager, that not only the city commissioners meet the candidates, but also the people, we should have a reception, have regular people talk to the candidates, or the candidate, however it works out," said Roger Marietta, Ward IV, Commissioner.

"I wouldn't bring him if I didn't support him to be city manager. So he certainly has my vote, but I don't vote. That is a commission's decision," said Tom Berry, Interim City Manager.

Tom Berry told us he had not had formal talks with commissioners about hiring Ballard before Thursday, but commissioners tell us they have had multiple discussions about Ballard recently in executive session.

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