Synthetic marijuana among top five drugs seized by Albany-Dougherty Drug Units

Synthetic marijuana among top five drugs seized by Albany-Dougherty Drug Units

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Georgia's Attorney General launches a new push to keep synthetic drugs like "spice" out of convenience stores.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit commander said synthetic marijuana is one of the top five drugs his agents seize.

Major Bill Berry said most stores here in Albany comply, and don't sell "spice", but Attorney General Sam Olens is pressuring big chains to make sure their individual stores ban the items. Last August, the Albany Dougherty Drug United seized 50 pounds of spice from this house.

Major Bill Berry said it's dangerous stuff.

"We see it in a lot of places, some places have learned that it is against the law," said Major Berry.

This time last year drug officers raided three Albany businesses where they found spice.

"We've had several significant arrests, especially in 2014 of major amounts of spice being brought into Albany and shipped in here."

Berry said they try to keep it out, but distributors try to stay a step ahead by changing the formulas just enough to be legal.

"That's the game we play, trying to chase them, trying to catch them, and that what is being sold, used, or getting caught with falls under Georgia law."

Sam Olens and 42 other state attorneys general are asking 9 major oil companies to make sure their franchisees don't sell synthetic drugs and revoke their franchise agreements if they do. Berry hopes the push will help keep the drugs out of stores.

"I hope that everyone who has these types, whether they are legal or not in their store stop selling it because it's just trouble looking for a place or person to happen to, continued Major Berry.

He said they follow up on tips and use undercover agents to find out where the drugs are being sold.

"If they see things in there that are indicating of spice, or bath salts, or gambling, or slots machines. They'll work on that."

Major Berry also said the biggest drug problem here right now is pain pills being sold on the streets.

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