Man charged with pallet thefts says he's innocent

Man charged with pallet thefts says he's innocent

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man is charged with stealing pallets from the Krispy Kreme parking lot, but he told us he didn't do it. Arthur Brown was booked Thursday afternoon on charges of theft by taking.

Brown is adamant that he did not steal anything. He said he has several places around town that allow him to pick up their old pallets.

Arthur Brown has been doing this for years--picking up and stacking up trashed wooden pallets. So when his truck showed up Wednesday in this picture about a theft from Krispy Kreme, he was upset.

"None of the pallets on my truck came from there. He just took a picture of it when I drove off," said Brown.

Brown says he has several businesses, like Phoebe and Lowe Electric, that allow him to pick up their old pallets, and that's where those came from.

"The pallets were on the truck when I came by Krispy Kreme. If they got surveillance at Walgreens, Kauffman tires, they can check and see the pallets on the truck when I came up there," said Brown.

A manager at Lowe Electric confirmed that Brown picks them up there, but could not say if these pallets are from his store.

"Mr. Brown does come and pick up pallets from time to time. But I have no way to verify what pallets on his truck, if they came from here or not," said Operations manager Ben Williams.

Instead, Brown says he stopped by Krispy Kreme to check on the status of an application his friend dropped off.

"The pallets was on my truck. They were already on there when I left lowe's electric. And I just happened to stop by there for him. He said somebody been stealing his pallets and I tried to explain, it wasn't me," said Brown.

The Albany Police aren't buying that story though--charging him with theft by taking and for not having insurance on his truck.

Brown went to the police department around 3 Thursday afternoon and was subsequently booked.

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