Colquitt County using incentive to manage waste

Colquitt County using incentive to manage waste

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - Colquitt County administrators and sanitation workers are going out again to collect more than $800,000 in unpaid garbage fees.

Residents who don't comply could have their property auctioned off.

The county first used such an incentive at the start of February.

Colquitt County Administrator Chas Cannon said the second sweep is scheduled to start the first week of March.

County officials will focus on accounts over 90 days past due.

They will also perform field audits to find people receiving services without a solid waste management account.

Cannon said they want to work with people to set up payment plans without having to resort to property auctions.

But he also said, they aren't afraid to do it.

"We have the authority to do so," said Cannon. "And, if you wanna lose your property over a trash bill, that's up to the property owner."

During the first sweep, no property was auctioned.

The county collected about $150,000 over 500 accounts.

Cannon said he expects to have everything done by 2016.

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