Deputies shoot in action pistol training

Deputies shoot in action pistol training

South Georgia law enforcement officers continue training to protect themselves.

Wednesday Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies went through intense gun training.

This was a more real life training session, to teach the deputies ways to protect themselves in case of ambush.

"Sheriff's Office.  Stop."  Shots fired.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Tim Hanington runs through their action pistol course.

Hanington said "There is no telling which position or what height you might be shooting from."

Usually cops train standing up and shooting at targets. Wednesday the deputies worked through a course, where they shot standing, lying down, with both hands from behind cover.

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Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Trainer Eddie Thomas said "We're trying to teach them methods and techniques to protect themselves."

Officials say ambush is more an issue for officers of late.  So they train on preparing to shoot as they get out of their car.

Or coming onto a porch.

"Sheriff's Office. Warrant Team."  "Threat Left."

Thomas said "We never know when we're knocking on that door if somebody is waiting as a threat to us.  To ambush us when we come knock up on that door."

Albany Police officers will undergo the training later this week.

Albany Police Deputy Chief Mark Scott said "No officer wants to get into a deadly force situation, but you never know.  It could happen anytime and it could happen in any place."

So they train so these deputies are ready, in case.      The Albany Dougherty SWAT team also went through this action pistol training Wednesday.

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