Wreck victim's daughter angry over charges against man who caused crash

Wreck victim's daughter angry over charges against man who caused crash

IRWINVILLE, GA (WALB) - An Ocilla woman is upset that a man responsible for the crash that killed her mother pleads guilty only to misdemeanor charges.

She said that's not justice for the relatives of three people killed three and a half years ago.

Christy Shaw said the guilty pleas are not true justice for her family, and she's taking a stand against unsafe truck drivers.

"I feel like I've been let down by the system," Christy Shaw,Victim's Daughter

Christy Shaw is disappointed in the outcome of Tuesday's court hearing for Marcus Boatwright. In August 2011, Boatwright caused a crash on Highway 32 in Irwinville that killed Shaw's mother, 58-year-old Janice Potts and two other people. Boatwright plowed into 8 cars stopped for road construction.

"My mom was the rock in our family," said Shaw.

Boatwright pled guilty to six counts of misdemeanor homicide by vehicle, one count of following too closely and one count of driving too fast for conditions. Shaw doesn't agree with those charges.

"How you can kill three people and walk away with misdemeanor charges, meaning that my mother's life was worth no more than a thousand dollars," said Shaw.

Boatwright could have been charged with felony vehicular homicide if investigators determined he was driving recklessly.

" I don't see how you don't consider that reckless driving, I will never understand."

Shaw said the tragedy has affected all three of the victim's families including Potts' six grandchildren.

" I know four of them at some point had to be medicated because of this, depression."

Shaw now has doubts that justice will be served for the three families.

" Unfortunately I don't think justice can be served if the charges weren't brought appropriately."

She would like to see Boatwright's drivers license revoked.

" I would love to see his driver's license taken, because I don't want anyone else to have to suffer what we have went through."

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