Drivers admit being distracted, but don't change ways

Drivers admit being distracted, but don't change ways

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A new survey shows many drivers admit that they text, check Facebook, or put on makeup behind the wheel, but continue doing it anyway.

From running red lights, texting or talking on the phone, even putting on makeup, it didn't take long to find unsafe drivers on South Georgia roads.

David Green, who's been a truck driver for 19 years, said he sees more dangerous driving than ever.

"You got to watch out for every vehicle that's out there and the safety of everybody, even yourself. If you want to come back home to your wife and kids, you need to think about that," said Green.

AAA conducted a survey that found drivers continue to take risks.

27 percent of those surveyed admitted to texting or sending an email, but 84 percent said it's completely unacceptable.

Green and others say cell phones are just another danger.

"They're either driving with their knees and trying to text and dropping the phone and I'm like, 'whoa, do you see this big truck on the side of you? Or do you see me coming up to this intersection?' It's out of control, I'll put it that way," said Green.

"I see people texting on their cell phones and they about run into you, changing over lanes, and just stuff like that," said driver James Hardin.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Daniel Joiner also believes driving has gotten more dangerous. Texting can be hard to catch, but troopers do enforce the law.

"A lot of times that we try to target it is at night where it's a little bit easier to see because the screen is lit up," said Joiner. "Or if we do see somebody just constantly looking down, then that's a good sign too."

"I'm not saying the laws aren't being enforced. What I'm saying is people need to take a little bit more concern for themselves and their safety," said Green. "That car, it might be big and bulky, but it's not going to save you from another one hitting you. I mean, you can kill your family."

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