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Case of neglected Lowndes Co. dog will continue

Samantha Radloff Samantha Radloff

The case against a Lowndes County dog owner accused of abusing his dog was scheduled to continue.

The case revolves around a dog named River who was found in very poor health on the property of one of the owner's neighbors on January 5th, 2015. The dog was emaciated, covered in fleas, and most of his teeth had been worn down to the gums.

Animal advocates from Valdosta and Lowndes County were in Lowndes County Magistrate Court Tuesday to ask the judge to continue the case against the dog's owner, Daryl Leon Kinsey, Jr., who was charged with one count of caring for animals according to the official charge sheet provided by Lowndes County Magistrate Court.

The judge did grant that request. The advocates wanted more time to present evidence that the owner should not be allowed to keep the dog.

As of Tuesday, the dog was staying with Kinsey, Jr. under a reclamation agreement, which means that Kinsey, Jr. has to keep the dog healthy and submit to a random animal welfare check at least once a week every week until the next court date. The judge also required that Kinsey take River to the vet at least twice before the next court date.

"It's a step in the right direction," said animal advocate Samantha Radloff. Radloff cared for River in the initial days after he was found before River was returned to Kinsey, Jr. "Now, we know we'll be able to be heard and all the evidence will show instead of just their side. It's a good thing."

Kinsey, Jr. was not in court Tuesday, but his attorney was present and spoke on his behalf. Both sides are scheduled to be back in magistrate court on March 10th to continue the case.

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