ASU celebrates Black History

ASU celebrates Black History
ASU staff member James Hill
ASU staff member James Hill

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - ASU will continue their celebration of Black History Month Tuesday morning. The community is invited for their last lecture on the civil rights movement and its impact in Albany.

Albany State University has been spear-heading several lectures and events to celebrate. They've invited students as well as the community to dive deep into the rich history of one of the most important movements in the United States and in Albany. Department of English chairman James Hill was part of the movement.

"Many of the strategies that were horned here in the Albany Movement were taken and used nationally, "Hill said. "I have an extreme appreciation for what happened here." 

A time that not only helped shape him but helped shape society

"We must be informed by the past to go into the future. So, we're hopeful that young people will understand what happened," Hill continued. 

Essence Harris is one of the dozens of attendees this week, she says these are the discussions that needed to be spoken of more often. Harris feels equality among community members has improved but the battle continues. 

"There is still a big difference in the way we are treated based on our skin color, " Harris said. "It was then and it is still is today." 

Harris believes Ferguson and New York are just a couple of prime examples of the type of path society is could be heading.

"A lot of work to be done, what we're seeing right now in America is a boomerang effect with civil rights and human rights. We have made progress but occasionally we still go back."

Hill feels with the continued push for change the battle can be won.

Tuesday is the last lecture that will wrap up the three day event.  Those in attendance will include Dr. Charles Cobb professor of African Studies, Brown University and author of "This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible."

He will discuss the ongoing struggle of civil rights, including special guest Cheryl LaRoche who will share stories about African American resistance.

The event begins at 9 A.M. at ASU's ballroom with a 7:30 P.M. performance from Sweet Honey In The Rock at the Albany Auditorium.

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